Productos Pelayo, late 90s.

Our History

Productos Pelayo has been making artisan pastry since 1982.

Since then, our presence has been based on the preservation of the traditional palate, which has fully satisfied the needs of our customers.

The demands of new markets and new nutritional trends have led us to incorporate new technologies, improving the quality and innovation of the product.

The preparation of some of our most characteristic products, such as sugar-coated doughnuts and homemade muffins, among other traditional products, have enjoyed overwhelming acceptance, being one of our specialities and enabling us to become an important benchmark in the sector.

In recent years, it has experienced sustained growth, which has improved processes and facilities.

  • Rigorous production processes,
  • top quality ingredients,
  • advanced technology adapted to the manufacturing stages,
  • production optimisation and improvement of the resources involved,
  • strict and demanding Quality and Sanitary Controls.

All of this makes Productos Pelayo a growing company that is constantly evolving.

We are a dynamic company, focused on continuous improvement, but without forgetting the traditional recipes and the taste that guarantee the good work in obtaining our products.

We will strive to innovate, improve and satisfy our customers.

An unbeatable artisan experience through the variety of products for the most demanding palates.


Quality politics

For Productos PELAYO, food quality and safety are essential for the sustainability and trust of customers and consumers. Therefore, we prepare our products every day, thus guaranteeing the freshness, flavour and nutritional value of our products.

We have not used palm oil since 2011.

We do not use hydrogenated or transgenic fats.

We require all our suppliers to certify that their ingredients do not originate from genetically modified organisms, i.e., we guarantee that all our products do not contain ingredients of transgenic origin.

All our products are made with sunflower and high oleic oil.

The products we make are not, nor do they contain, nor are they composed of, nor have they been produced from Genetically Modified Organisms.

The products are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the IFS ( GMF ) reference standard and current legislation and regulations.